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Choosing the right type of bag for your product is important. We’ll get you the best bag, the right bag, on time and under budget.

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About Sun Coast Packaging

For over 15 years Sun Coast Packaging has been delivering on its promise to eliminate the worry from your packaging needs. We are a medium–sized company that can handle small specialty orders or larger, more complex orders. Recently we’ve expanded our warehouse space and invested in new technologies to better serve your needs.

Sun Coast Packaging offers PE bags, paper bags, BOPP bags, polypropylene bags, polyethylene bags, bulk bags, TELLAP Pallet-less bags, multi-wall, retail bags, woven poly bags, wine totes, stock, other items and green products.

Sun Coast Packaging delivers on a wide range of services from inventory management to in-house printing and delivery.

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"Helpful staff, Inventory Management, Same-Day deliveries and Competitive Prices...what else can we ask for?"
CPM of a Midwestern Food Company

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We offer a wide range of services. From inventory managment to in-house printing, we can help you with your needs.

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retail bagsFor every friend you refer to Sun Coast Packaging, you can receive a pre-paid credit card of up to $100.

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