Tired of pallets? Try TELLAP pallet-less bulk bags.

Check out the advantages!

  • No more pallets required
  • No more contamination
  • Safer for operators
  • Save money on transportation. Each pallet weighs 50 pounds while 2 TELLAP sleeves weigh only 6 pounds!
  • Save money on valuable storage space, you can store more product per square foot.
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • ISPM–15 compliant
  • Cost effective packaging system for FIBC’s
  • Sleeves are built into bags
  • Tine guards slide into sleeves
  • Versatile – lift from top or base
  • There is no change to your bag specification
  • 100% recyclable

No More Pallets Required

You can now eliminate the expenses for fumigation, heat treating, storage, exchange and disposal of modern day wooden pallets.

Suncoast Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Design Solutions

Suncoast Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Design Solutions

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